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About Us

Who We Are...

Pursuit Church is a church plant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Our name truly encompasses everything we are as a Church.  We are in Pursuit of God, the lost, relationships, and personal growth.  Our lives are a life-long pursuit of knowing God and experiencing God more.  We want you to pursue God with us!

We Are A Family

Pastor Stephen & Family

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We are the Stoners.  (Yes, you read that correctly.) Stephen, Stephanie, Stephen-Charles, and Spencer.  Stephanie and I have been married 20+ years and have spent almost that entire time in full-time ministry.  I began my journey working for Pastor David Wilkerson in New York City.  I later graduated from CFNI and have been a youth pastor, worship leader, evangelist, and a lead pastor.  My last pastorate was in Dyersburg, TN.  We were there for 7 years and saw hundreds come to Christ!  The church over doubled in size and God used our church to impact our city.  We are people who love College SEC Football!  Pray for us because Stephanie and Spencer are Alabama fans and Stephen-Charles and I are LSU fans… a house divided.

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