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PC Life Groups

Join a PC Life Group and enjoy a time of fellowship, build relationships, and grow in your walk with God!


Parents Just Want To Have Fun

Is your life consumed by the kids and their activities, work, chores, school, shopping, etc...?  Is everyone in your household running in different directions?  Then make time to join us!

Pastor Stephen & Stephanie


Prayer Group

McMinnville Crew

If you are in the McMinnville area, we have a group for you.  You can enjoy fun, food, fellowship, friends, and a time of prayer.  We look forward to you joining us!

Bob & Diane



Boro Bunch

Are you looking for a place that gives hope, joy, peace, compassion, and support?  Do you enjoy food, laughter, and friends?  Please join us for a time of fellowship, ministry, and prayer!

Charles & Rita



College & High School

Stephen-Charles Stoner

Junior High

Johnny & Sarah Cobb
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